Welcome to Heather Weaver's Reel Time Color!

Heather Lyon Weaver has been working as a video editor and colorist for over 12 years. She specializes in independent documentary programs, but has worked on a wide variety of projects including narrative, experimental, animation and video art. The programs Heather has finished, such as Tom Shepard and Joel P. Engardio's Knocking, Laurel Chiton's Twisted and the California and the American Dream series produced by Jed Riffe, Emiko Onori, Jack Kohler, Lyn Goldfarb and Paul Espinoza, have gone onto national broadcast and have received acclaim and awards. For the past four seasons Heather has also provided packaging services to the Independent Television Service for the Emmy award winning series Independent Lens.

Heather is an expert in the field of video preservation and restoration. In 2000, she devised the methodology for the reconstruction of Ant Farm and TR UTHCO's 1976 The Eternal Frame. She worked with artists Chip Lord and Doug Hall to perform all restoration on the piece. She is currently working with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on the restoration of a 1968 piece by video artist Howard Fried. She regularly participates on panels and conferences, where she shares her preservation and restoration knowledge and expertise.

Heather has been a student of independent video art, history and theory since 1990. She received a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Hampshire College in 1994 and began working professionally in video immediately thereafter. Theory and practice converged in 1995 when she began working with Kate Horsfield and Maria Troy on Video Data Bank's Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the United States, a 17 hour compilation of excerpted video pieces originating on half-inch open reel and three-quarter inch tape.

Heather is currently working as a freelance video editor, colorist, and preservation consultant. She would be happy to talk to you about your project and to work with you to determine the most efficient finishing strategy.

For information about rates and availability, please contact Heather at heather@reeltimecolor.com.